A Guide to In-Game Currency [Difficulty Level: 🟩]

Want a tip to make your map even cooler? Have you considered an in-game store system? Probably: “No, what the absolute heck is that?” is your answer, new users.

Well let me explain… an in-game store involves a chosen currency , a “vending machine”, an item granter, at least one sentry, and a few wires. A chosen currency is something your “vending machine” needs to accept. Like a random item, such as bananas.

But, how do you get bananas? Well, new user, this is not difficult. Search in your “Devises” tab for an Item Granter. Place it down. Now select bananas.

Good! You’re almost done! Last step here. Place a sentry down. Grab a wire and connect the two.

Nice Job! You’ve done it! You can sub out bananas with any other item if you want. Heck, you can even grant fish! Congratulations, new user. You’ve got currency. An in-game store. Now your games will be more intretsing and fun, with different levels! Good job, a quick pull on lower side of this page.

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  • Hard.
  • Impossible!
  • To be honest, I didn’t even do it.
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Thank you and happy building! P.S. Happy Halloween!!! :jack_o_lantern:

Nice guide @therealroyaltalor!
You could also add other ways to earning items such as:

  • Loot Boxes (getting a random item when destroying a prop)

Prop Destroyed > Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

Note: Don’t forget to make item granters and add channels to them such as “grantcash” “grantwatermelon” etc.
This is important for the blockcode as they will broadcast on channel.

Set [Variable] to random integer from # to #
if [Variable] = # 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “insertchannel1”

else if [Variable] = #
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “insertchannel2”

PS: This is infinitely explandable, if you want to make more, just add more “if else do’s”

Credits: @NoYouWillNotTakeMyNa


Thanks, @Haiasi, (check out my profile)! I perfer to keep it realy easy tho, since it is mostly for newcomers.

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Nice guide!


Good guide!


this guide is good 2