How to make in-game currency

Have you ever wanted to have currency in your game, but none of the actual items fit the situation? Well, now you can :grin:

The Currency Itself

First, get a property, this will be your currency.
Property Name: Name your property whatever you want, just make sure to remember it. For this, I’m gonna call it “Currency”.
Property Type: This is very important, make sure to select Number as your type.
Default Value: If you want the players to start with no currency, put 0. If you want them to start with some like Starting Inventory, then put your desired number.
Property Scope: If your game is that everyone is working together to get a certain number of currency, put global. If your game is that everyone on a team has to get a certain value, put them. If it’s just currency per player, put player. (Sorry if this was weirdly explained, I don’t know how to really say it)

How to Increase or Decrease Your Currency

Well, let’s say I just got KOed or bought something, then I would lose some currency. To do so, get a trigger, and make it trigger on the channel you want it to lose currency.
Follow these block steps accordingly:

Basically, it gets your currency property, then subtracts one from it.
Note: You can change the amount it loses by changing the number
Another Note: You can do the same to add some currency by changing the “-” sign to a “+” sign

How to: Currency

Vending Machine: If you want them to purchase something through a vending machine with the currency, just make it transmit on channel, then use that channel to trigger the trigger and follow the steps above.
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OMG, can you actually look at the guides that have “currency” in them instead of just looking at the title?
That one uses items, this is an alternative way,
Next time, please don’t say my guide is a duplicate just because someone else had the same title.
Actually read my guide and theirs to see if it’s the same.


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Few things! (They are all good!)

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Second, nice first guide! It’s a little short though, and I think just your average cash currency is fine, but I like how you did properties instead, as they are much more versatile, as you can multiply and divide!

Third, it’s kinda similar to the a guide to in-game currency guide, but they used items, so you should be in the clear! You use properties, properties, items, 2 different things!

Overall, I like your guide. It’s smooth and sleek, and well made. Also, once again, welcome to the community! And I have you enjoy your stay here! I give your guide a 8.7/10! Short, but well made. I also like how you included a introduction like,

Which I think fits real well! Once again, nice guide!


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I needed this. I was just looking for a guide on this, and like magic it appeared. Wow, this works well, and if it can be used on a channel, you can make a ton of stuff! Anyways, after the praise,
You can multiply currency, or have two different currencies,
Like changing up properties so you have something like “Money,” and another called “Respect” or something like that…
Also, this shouldn’t be flagged, this is a clear guide that’s pretty original.

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This guide is using blocks and properties, which can be manipulated very easily, unlike the other guides, which use items. Take a minute to actually read the guide before accusing a new user of plagiarism.

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