60 Second Lobby Timer

I tried out the Forbidden Islands - Season 2 and I really liked how it had a minute of preparation in the lobby. Since buttons are not interactive in pre-game I wanted to make it so I could do this.

You can’t make something happen pre-game. The game was in the play mode.

How to make a timer

In the pregame? I don’t think that’s possible

Pregame antics help
This may help.

yes I know that it was during game

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sorry I misworded it. I meant that I wanted to do it at game start since you cant use buttons pre game

Lifecycle (game start) Event occurs -----------> Relay (All players) Relay triggers --------> Do action.

thx I will try this soon!

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wait. what do you mean by “do action” ?

Whatever you want to do at game start.

how would I implement a 60 Second countdown/timer

sry. I’m pretty new to this

:smiley: I think this will work

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Hm. You could start the game, but then have a timer in the game, (barrier disabling after it’s up) making it kind of a pregame timer

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