Pregame antics help

I was doing testing earlier today, and I noticed that characters can activate triggers by stepping on them before the game starts. However, wires AND channels are not loaded in until the game actually starts. So, with that in mind, is there any way to change something before the game starts? (Ex: give the player an item, change a property…?)

You can disable toggle by player in the settings if your talking about triggers

He wants things to be able to happen.

Ask @RandomKid he has made a map with a randomizer that gives the players a slingshot of any rarity and puts it into the players inventory.

They’re talking about before the game starts.

I know, it gave us a common Slingshot and then it randomized in different rooms.

Did you get the slingshot when you were still in the lobby and not playing the game?

Yeah when he hit the ‘start’ button and the screen cleared i had it in my inventory.

I tested it out. The trigger was supposed to hide a text box but it didn’t do that. I didn’t get any results with blocks either.

I think he either used a starting inventory or some block code that runs on game start. I am trying to get things to happen before the game starts. @NavyCatZ, could you provide pictures of the pregame lobby and the in game?

Before game:

During game:


In the pregame lobby, wires and channels aren’t loaded, and certain settings don’t activate. The question is is it possible to save a value from this point before the game starts, and use it later?

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I don’t see how we can do that. Either the method to save a value requires wires, channels, etc or will only trigger at the start of the game (like property devices)

In my experience, the only things that can be triggered before the game are triggers (as discussed here, but nothing they can really do), and teleporters. So I mostly use teleporters when trying to make things to do in my lobby.

You can use triggers to add things in the game feed pre game…

Oh, nice to know!
I haven’t really explored what triggers can to before game to be honest.


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Ok, thanks for the info!

oh ok, and yeah I know what you mean by that.

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