5 Essential Points You Need To Include! | Difficulty: 🟩 or 2/10


  1. When starting a build it’s always great to have a central lobby. This will allow an excellent spawning location, and support teamwork among players.

  2. You can also add a shop (if needed) in a very organized way, you should connect them to your lobby.

  3. A great place to start is with a grand entrance to your game, this should be very decorated.

  4. Add decoration! The only limit is your time. You should resize your props and get skilled with decoration.

  5. Keep it clean! Your game should have clean UI, map., and devices.


Great tutorial, @CaliforniaGimkitClub! You’ve provided some key ideas for creating builds in Gimkit. Here’s some feedback on your tutorial:

  1. Clear and Concise: Your tutorial presents the key ideas in a clear and concise manner. This makes it easy for readers to understand and remember the important points.

  2. Visual Presentation: The inclusion of a presentation slide with a screenshot is helpful in illustrating your ideas. It provides a visual reference for readers to better understand the concepts you’re discussing.

  3. Central Lobby: Your suggestion to have a central lobby is excellent. It helps with spawning and promotes teamwork among players. You’ve highlighted an important aspect of build design.

  4. Organized Shop: The idea of adding a shop and connecting it to the lobby is a great addition. It ensures players can easily access and utilize in-game resources while keeping the build well-organized.

  5. Grand Entrance: Your suggestion to create a grand entrance adds a sense of excitement and aesthetics to the build. It sets the tone for the gameplay and adds visual appeal.

  6. Decoration: Encouraging readers to add decoration and showcasing that the only limit is their time is a great tip. It promotes creativity and personalization in the builds. The suggestion to resize props and develop decoration skills is valuable.

  7. Clean Design: Emphasizing the importance of keeping the UI, map, and devices clean is a crucial point. A clean and organized design enhances the overall user experience and makes the build more enjoyable.

Overall, your tutorial provides valuable insights into building in Gimkit, focusing on central lobby, organized shop, grand entrance, decoration, and clean design. By elaborating further on each point and providing additional examples or tips, you can enhance the tutorial even more. Keep up the good work!


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