3 buttons for one task thing

So I’m making this map where there are 3 different buttons but they all contribute to like on task thing. How do I make it so that it only equals one, not 3 individual ones.

You can have the buttons all broadcast on the same channel.
Or what do you mean? You need all of them to do the same thing?

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They do different things but I wan’t them all to be a part of it like it first button is 1/3 of it, 2nd is 2/3 of it, and the 3rd is 3/3 of it and It all adds up and counts as one.

Oh! You need like, the Among Us guide to do that. Like buttons in tasks.
But, well, each button could update a property. And that when the property is updated or reaches a certain value, it triggers or activates something.

have them on a same wire repeater of channel. and and have them wired to the same task.

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what devices do I need for that?

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Wire repeater and a button I think.
He’s saying that when each of the buttons is pressed, they do a wire pulse. All of them are connected to one wire repeater, though. Then, the wire repeater is linked to something else?

i posted a guide to it. but its just triggers on the same channel

This might help but like its kinda hard to explain but I want like 3 sentries and they have to go from one place to another with a press of a button and when I press all 3 of those buttons, it counts as one.

same sort of concept triggers same channel and three starting buttons, so its sort of like animation.

do u have like a guide to do that because I need like pictures to understand :sweat_smile:

That’s one of the problems with the forum.
People have questions, and then there’s no guides about it.
It’d be easier if people just made guides about something to help.
That way there will be no more cluttered replies.
Not blaming anyone, though.

yep How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧

Oh, thank goodness!
Hopefully that will help…

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not to be rude but, its not like that. I want like different parts contributing to one whole. Like with fractions kinda.

For when the first button is pressed: 1/3 is completed still needs 2/3 more

When the 2nd button is pressed: 2/3 is completed, still needs 1/3 more

When 3rd button is pressed: 3/3 is completed then that completes the task.

use a counter or make it in steps with wires, sort of like the tractor in cft

Use a counter with a target value of 3. The buttons could deactivate when pressed and increase the counter by 1.

thats what sort of said but cyan do you wan t me to get on your map and mak the system?

what do I do after that?

don’t mean to be rude :grin: