20 Second Timer

How would you make a 20 second countdown displaying it on a Game overlay.

That’s what I am wondering too! I was just about to post the same question.


This counts up, not down.

Yeah, you know that tag game mode? I think you want the timer like that?

Yep, But counting down from 20.

then set the properties to have the default value of x. x is the starting value of the timer. then in the block code make everything that says plus into a minus.

exactly! I’m trying to do it too

then this also works.

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HOLLY COW! Um…that’s kinda complicated

no. no it’s not. not at all…

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To a person with 0 knowledge of block code it is lmao

(aka me lol)

but I ut all the instructions in there.

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It still very confusion

Ima try the stuff you sent @Kosm0-o out rq

Yep it works, Thank you!

np, happy to help!


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