10 Things NOT to do while making your game

Intro -

We all love making gimkit creative games, because ideas come into our mind. But, there is something wrong with games, like you put something in your game, but that’s…just, well… wrong.

Before we start -

This is not a copy of the original guide, this is a COLLAB as the original guide in the top says so. Credits to @mysz for this.

10 - Prop spamming (According to Mysz)

Okay, maybe decorations are nice, but…why spam? That won’t look the game even really good and nice!

Think about Snowy Survival or any gamemodes that are 2D with only prop spamming. Isn’t really fun because it’s too much!

Don’t call any prop spams “Decoration”. That’s not decoration. I don’t wanna see 12 trees, 9 ice barriers and some props that are too much, instead, use a VARIETY of the props. That makes your game much better.

9 - Softlocking

I know, it’s a fun troll to do, maybe you can trick that to your friends and stuff, but…things can go too far. They can leave the game and say “I’M NEVER PLAYING AGAIN!” because you tricked them into a softlocker.

You might say “Look, just rejoin!” But they are in 1st place. and have really high score. It wouldn’t be fun if they just rage quit.

Remove softlocking. I know, it’s a trick, but it’s not cool. Don’t do any respawn softlocking, questioner softlocking, popup softlocking, etc. It’s not cool.

8 - Dev Options

This is like softlocking, but you aren’t actually softlocking them. This was made to troll your friends. Nice, but, your friends…well… do the exact same thing again if you troll them with your god mode hacks or smth.

You can keep the Dev options, however, it would be cheating and not fun to anyone. Players won’t play the game if there’s trolls only for you. You can remove it, or well keep it but don’t use it.

7 - Classic Battle Royale Games

…Ok, ok, you’re just a beginner, i’m fine if you make classic battle royale games. But if you aren’t a beginner and you still make battle royale games… Maybe you can make another game, like infection, king of the hill, or, you can make battle royale games with a plot twist. I’m not forcing you to do it, it’s your choice.

6 - Copying Gimkit’s Original Gamemodes

I know, gimkit has awesome lore and gamemodes, you can make stuff that’s like inspiration, but… When gimkit has Farmchain, Snowy Survival, or Snowbrawl, are you going to make these copies?


You can make that game based on gimkit gamemodes, but copying the whole stuff gimkit has, is NOT okay. You would search up snowy survival map on google and just copy the whole game. No, that’s NOT okay. What are you doing? Make it based or inspired by it, like Snowy Survival, but based on one way out, The cursed has zappers instead of snowball launchers!

5 - Fishing Systems (credits to mysz for the spaceship one)

I get it, it’s a cool system, and everyone including me LOVES it all the way to a %100. But, there’s maps that don’t need fishing systems.

Wait, why are you putting a fishing system in a spaceship? Why are you putting fishing systems in a farming game?

That’s kind of not good and can be off-game in it. Avoid fishing systems if you have a map that doesn’t fit for fishing systems.

4 - No instructions (According to Mysz)

Joined into a game? Nice! You can play! But, you don’t know how to play. Because you didn’t have a starting popup. Now, no one knows how to play the map.

Instructions are the important ones in the game. The instructions are trying to let the player know how they beat the game and travel into the game. Without it, instructions is gonna cry because it isn’t in it, and players know nothing about the game, and i mean NOTHING.

To do this, you need a lifecycle and a relay. Connect the wires of the lifecycle and relay, and event occurs, relay trigger. Now get a popup, then write down the instructions. Wire the relay to the popup and “relay trigger → open popup”.

3 - No Props and Terrain (According to mysz, again lol)

Let’s play a fishing game! goes to fishing land Now, we’re in fishing land, but i see… fish on grass, and you can fish on the grass? Yep, i’m leaving, the game’s too weird.

You need props and terrain for decoration, don’t just say “Oh, that’s not even important.” because it is important actually. We also need to know what the player is doing, they don’t even know what they’re doing when they’re fishing on GRASS.

2 - Making a map without any mechanics

Fishing game, whoever makes the most cash wins! Oh, i’ll play it. Tries to fish but it won’t work Why is it not working???

If you are making a map without any mechanics, that isn’t a successful game. Unless the game’s empty. Maps are always used with devices, and without them, the game can FAIL.

Use devices, if it’s hard, try finding a tutorial. If you don’t, ask help in here or go to the documentation, they are the helpers.

1 - The final last piece: Not making a lobby.

If you don’t make a lobby, just, no. Players can see spoilers inside your game during the lobby phase, and that will ruin the fun. Maybe they found cheats, won’t be fun for everyone.


Thanks for reading this guide, and try to avoid these (please make a lobby)! Remember, this is credits to @mysz for the original guide, this is also a collab, and i was not stealing the guide. Here is the link to the original guide - This one. As always, happy gimkitting!


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I still think that really dense forests are the one exception to #10.

This is kind of putting down on my guide:

Dev Options don’t have to be bad. They can help if a player is struggling, a player is too ahead, a player is cheating etc.

Maybe the player is like a game host where they don’t play the game themselves but have control over it.

But people use it for cheats.
That makes it really unfair for people.

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