Zombie mode help (will add more)

I’m going back to an old idea of making a Those Who Remain style game (Those Who Remain is a Roblox game where you hold out against increasingly more difficult zombies with little objectives along the way that give you cash to buy weapons during downtime. There are items scattered around to help you med kits, barbed wire, etc)

Things I need help with.

  1. A name - The gims who remain (thought up by @BananaBunny)
  2. A thumbnail - Being made by @Blizzy
  3. Random events/event dialog (They will have either 3 level one events, 2 level two events, or 1 level three event. they get their level based on how difficult it makes the game, light fog is a level one event and Last Few Breaths is a level three event)
  4. mutations (the zombies will be weak at first, but they can get mutations to help them)
The events

Light fog - a very light grey hue is on the screen
Medium fog - a darker grey hue is on the screen
Heavy fog - Going out from camp has you not being able to see anything
evening - a little darker
sunset - even darker
Midnight - almost pitch black farther from camp
power outage - Midnight, but there are no lights at your camp, you also can’t buy things while in-game
RUN! - The zombies have max speed (no matter their mutation)
Wounded and afraid - enter with half-health
Last few breaths - 1 HP with no healing
No more money left - No money is earned at the end of the round
(No dialog for any yet)

Ideas I might add.



Is this like Survivor.io?

Also, I think you could name it “The Gims who Remain”, like the game you are talking about. Sorry, I don’t play Roblox


I can help with the thumbnail. Do you want Handdrawn or Slides?

Its ok, I like the nome, what do you want in the game (I do this so they know you contibuted)

either, whichever works for you

What do you mean, what do I want in the game?

for the name: alliteration, one word, long title? what?

@Coffee I think wants a title for their map. I think The Gims Who Remain just relates to the original name so yeah. That’s my suggestion

Ok. I’ll make a hand drawn one, if I have time I’ll make a slides one.

Anything that relates to either the original title (those who remain) or any name that correlates to apocalyptic vibes

Suggestions for names:

  • The Gims who remain(My favorite)
  • The Remaining Gims(Ewish)
  • Surviving the Rush(Sure?)
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what I mean is like, do you want a statue (as an example) that shows you helped in the making of the map
(your name will be the placeholder name for now)

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Oh. I guess you could just give credit to me in the description. And maybe put a Banana somewhere in the map… Heehee

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bananas will be in place of bandages

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No I mean the prop banana :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Oh, I will add that in every map
(bananas may also be the bandages)

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ok. :slight_smile: Just credit me In the description if you do use the title! If you wnat

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@Coffee What I have so far;

Can I also try making a thumbnail? It’s ok if you don’t use it I just like drawing them : D

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Looking good so far! (the first map will be a highway) (you read my mind, I wanted cocoa as one of the gims!)