Zombie mode help (will add more)

You can, anyone is welcome to try, hand-drawn or not, I will make a poll when everything (or most things are solved)

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Do you want it on a highway? Also, I did the cocoa because you are coffee and coffee is like cocoa :slight_smile: @Coffee

Yes (man that was really thoughtful, my favorite gim is cocoa, even tho I don’t have it :frowning: )

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finished! anything I should add/remove/edit?

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Maybe add a zapper to the cocoa gim?
(reloading preferably, your adaptation of it reloading, let me find my adaptation of it reloading)
Screenshot 2024-03-25 10.50.29 AM

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Got it! I gotta go walk my dog tho so I’ll have it tmrw/later today.

@Coffee It’s okay if the zombies are the ozi Gims, right? The mummy ones?

Because I think there isn’t any other type of gim that is like a zombie.

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I’m just asking because I’m pretty sure @Blizzy’s zombies are Ozis.

Yes, you are right. But I think it’s fine. I could switch them if you want @Coffee

No, they are fine as Ozi (the closest thing to zombies apart from bonesey but that one is kinda difficult to draw)


I just made some sort of nonexistent Gim to fit it heheheh

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Haha. Guess that works too. But using real Gims is easier :). Maybe I’ll make a ringleader zombie gim… Heehee

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i have literally no clue how the zapper looks reloading so I flopped ehe

funny little event.

its called “egged” lol
where something blocks your screen for a round (preferaby a egg)

How about an event where there are more enemy’s than usual?

What about an event called defend base and you must defend a area till the event is over.

heres my thumbnail

@Coffee I’m still making mine, sorry, I don’t have much time and handdrawing one takes time :slight_smile: