Working on a tower defense game, need help

working on a tower defense game, need help with the following: enemies moving and placing sentries where players want them (ingame)

Psuedo Health for Textboxes [and other mechanics for tower defense]

As detailed here, tower defense is very hard. I suggest not making it.

You can’t make sentries move, so you have to give props, barriers, or textboxes psuedo-health, which is very hard.

Hey @CommanderX! Glad to see you back here. Sadly, this is no longer possible because sentry movement has been taken away (bbsi).


I am partway into making tower defense, but it’s so annoying and repetive.


How do you keep the health of sentries while they move?


You don’t use sentries. Read the post I linked to know more about how I’m doing the enemies.


Interesting, but you could use props, but going off of Cassius, its so, so, SO repetitive. Wouldn’t recommend in my opinion. But if you do, good luck. Just saying.

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Ok thanks for telling me that sentries moving was patched, i changed it so its two teams, one team is the protector, and one team is the enemy.

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So now you have players moving, right?

I considered that too. The issue is you need to damage them with sentries [memory and device limit] or lasers [eh] or use psuedo-health. [and by the time you do that you might as well just not use players.] Also, you would need a lot of players.

ok, thanks!

ok i think i finished the game idk

I want to test it!
Do you know what the Wixsite is?
You could post a link there for people to test.


r.i.p. bbsi

Last idea. One player places down everyone, Unless its too late.