Wires have finally betrayed me

So I am working on a game in GKC and this happened:

I am not even touching a wire…yet this is happening…

So you didn’t even make any wires and they appeared out of nowhere?

No what is happening is that I made all those wires just that it saying I have my cursor over them (the reason why it says Click to modify) when my cursor is farrrrr away…

Ohhh. Try refreshing. Does this issue persist?

I do refresh and it fixes it but then…it returns not long after…

As I said in my bugs post, that happens because you clicked the wire recently. If you hover your cursor over that wire, it will stop. If you’re not sure which wire, then just quickly move your mouse across your screen.

Mark a solution, please!

This is a common bug with me, and happens with devices too.

(Also I know this is kinda off topic but you got the season pass? I’m jealous…)

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You’re not alone lol.

The season pass is only 5 bucks, i got it today, so cool!


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