Wire repeater being a bug

Don’t ask how this happened because I don’t know myself… when you edit the game the sentry is there

but when the game starts its gone…
image but if you remove the wire repeater its there but I need the wire repeater to make it move.

could you elaborate more on the issue?

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When I have the wire repeater the sentry removes but when I don’t have it the sentry is there but I can’t remove the wire repeater or the sentry can’t walk

Sentries can’t walk this was patched when DLD was released.

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oh yeah sentry interactions were removed because they were a bug and weren’t intended to be in the game and there’s protests about it (in discord and a little bit of protests in here, hence the bbsi tag)

It can when you use zones and wire repeater

That’s not what I meant

No it can’t. Go check out this post for more info: The Sentry, Our Friend, Friendly No Longer

no, the zone method doesn’t work anymore

why though?
(random letters to make this post)

it was a bug and was never intended to be in the game so they removed it not knowing the chaos it would turn out to be

You miss understand if you use zones and deactivate it with a (wire repeater) you can copy the sentry and past it to the next zone but the wire repeater I know this because I tested it on another world

i’ll test that but rn i’m trying to hack into a thing

isn’t hacking not aloud in gimkit?

hacker typer i mean (it’s a website that makes it look like you’re hacking)

oh also I’ll type how to completely make a sentry walk

How to make a sentry walk easy: Get zones and sentry’s step 2 connect the zone and a sentry then make the wires: player enter zone ?detavive? sentry, then get a new sentry and connect the sentry to an zone and put player enter zone activate sentry keep doing it and move it up and turn of active on start sometimes

ok then don’t use the wire repeater ig?

pov: me and bh finding the “team gimkit publish” button :skull:
pov: hexa making gimhook :skull:
pov: wendover making tracers :skull:
pov: bh and wendover making in-game chat :skull:

“hacking is not allowed in gimkit”

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

anyways uh yeah this sounds like either an issue of the sentry getting triggered by the wire repeater or a sentry interactions issue
you didn’t really… explain what was actually happening though, so there’s not much anyone can do.


I use the wire repeater to repeat it