Why Is this not working?

So I’m using @LxmasHaxTakis Guide How to make An Item Dropper (For Bedwars - Difficulty: yellow_square) I did the same exact thing as what he said to do I double checked that I have the same exact things as him but it’s not working
Is there a problem with GKC right now?

I don’t think there is a problem with gkc

can you show us pictures so we can see if the problem is how you set it up or with gimkit?

Can you test to see if some channels are not firing properly/at all? Can I see the block code and what the item granter receives on? @leahciM

:frowning: I said it was the same layout as @LxmasHaxTakis

sure for the trigger welllll I changed it a little so there is no block code since the generator only generates iron and the Item granter works when trigger is triggered

I am saying it is possible you misclicked and I wanted to make sure

He was banned so he can’t help but what are your settings? Because it may be off. And its not GKC issue.

oh ok well I double checked

what settings?

He probably is asking for all of them.

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for when you post questions

All the settings on each device, so I can compare it to the guide, and then test it myself.

If you changed the settings, what do you want this device system to do?

Nothing, it wouldn’t work. I would use a item per second compared to this, it works better and faster. My bad @ClicClac

I was asking @leahciM. If he can tell me what he wants it to do, I can probably make it do that.

Sorry for necroposting, but i found out how.

The item granter needs to have the channels. Put the channel on the item granter (example: on the trigger, your channel to give silver seeds is called “silverseeds”, so you put “silverseeds” on the silver seed item granter) and it should work.

Yeaaa I fixed it a longgggg time ago but maybe I will go back and fix it

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