Why is this happening to my barrier

So I’m making a force field that go’s on and off I’m using @Dragontamer Guide Lasers that alternate on and off! (yellow_square) but when my barrier’s suppose to turn on or off it stops and then starts working again any one have ideas?
repeaters the same

and here’s the layout

and how do I get a video

What do you mean by it “stops”?

well mmmm it stops like disappearing/deactivating

Is the delay on the wire repeater 0.5 seconds as well?


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Can you set the repeat time in the repeaters to 1 second and try again?


It disappears once and it doesn’t work for a while

It’s fine I’m not using it anymore

Well, tell me if you do figure it out. I often enjoy being able to make my guides more efficient and effective!


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