Why is this button showing up? (Resolved)

I was looking at some replies, and I saw this button:

Why is there an edit button for me on someone else’s posts? I’m not a regular…

Because it is a wiki post. If it is a wiki post, all members can edit it.

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what is a wiki post?

idk either lol

i was sick and offline for a couple days and all of a sudden i had 48 notifs

Lol, I have 57 notifs in a day once from kyro editing every single post

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yeah, so let me make sure, you, navycatz, kyro, whoami, and who else are regs now?


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mysz check dms on the wixsite pls


A wiki post is a special post made by a regular that means anyone basic and above can edit.

ohhh, that’s a really cool feature

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