Why is the notification going on the other team with the flag?

Why is the notification going on the other team with the flag when their not on the defending team? The defending team should ONLY get the the notification but instead it’s going to the team with the flag and their NOT on the defending team. Why is this?

Block code

Screenshot 2024-03-29 10.54.46 AM
This is the block code for the Notification device (A little less complex)

Devices on the map

The devices i’m dealing with (Less complex since the other topic)

All devices settings (except flag device)

Screenshot 2024-03-29 11.00.45 AM
The Send Notification to Setting is on triggering player
Screenshot 2024-03-29 11.01.06 AM
The settings for the relay device

Everything is “reworked” (Less complex) but still WIP and the topic is… A SOLUTION AND NOT A WASTE!!!. YAAAAY!!! What I mean as waste is I mark it as a solution and make another topic but since that topic i’m still stuck on the notification sending to the wrong team. So it’s still kind of a waste :frowning_face:.
So I hope you guys can help me still

i mean, cant you just use the setting for that?

What do mean because someone in another topic said that if I use the setting for that it would send to the defending team and not the team with the flag

If that’s team 2’s flag, and there are only two teams, you shouldn’t need block code. Just connect the flag like so: flag (picked up) → relay (all players on team 2) → notification.

Ok, i’ll see if it works and if it does i’ll mark solution

Ok it does work but it does not show the players name now, how do i fix that.

Delete the wire from the flag to the relay. Place down a trigger that sets a text property to the triggering players name. Rewire the flag to the relay. Go into the notification’s settings, and make a block on wire pulse. Make it broadcast a message, but with the text Property in the message somewhere.

Also it’s repeating So yeah.

Why would it repeat? Can you put a picture of your system so far? There’s no loop in the system I gave you.

Look above for the pic

The edit mode picture.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 11.50.14 AM

Where do the other two wires go?

above the flag? those are other devices that are not connected with this topic.

It might be affecting things. I had a item granting that was doing something similar, and the fix was to turn off another system at game start. Maybe something is looping it by accident? Or your notification or relay settings are off?

let me see those devices really fast to see if their doing something that loops

@ClicClac this is what I got now

Screenshot 2024-03-29 12.58.12 PM
Is there any improvements I could make?

The custom CTF map I made called Red vs Blue Capture The Flag has a notification problem where I pick up the flag then it notify’s my team instead of the other team, which is defending.

Go to the top for all the info about this.

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Why is the notification going on the other team with the flag?

What does the channel “team2” do?

They defend the flag and team 1 takes the flag