Why is so much memory being used?

Working on among us in gimkit i only finished the killing part and the memory is already at 80 percent and how much memory does a flag use because I see like 6 flags and I swear i didn’t put them there.

Use this guide for everything about memory!!

Also what do you mean by you “swear you didn’t put them there”, if it wasn’t you, who else could it be…?

I invited some ppl from the gimkit discord server and I swear before i invited them the bar was at 11 percent idk what they did

You might want to walk around the map and look for any stray sentries or something that could take up memory

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and how do you delete somethign from the layers menu because i cant find the flags they put?

I don’t think you can, you’ll just have to find them

r u serious rn bro i swear the people on the discord r crazy i tell them to help me and they add more memory

you could also remove un-needed wires

wires take up like a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of memory
also might want to be careful who to invite, there’s a lot of trolls out there

use the Renewed - Gimkit Devices Ranked by Memory guide to find out whats taking the most memory and find a way to substite for it

maby some on hacked it

that’s very unlikely, why would you do that.

Probably just trolls placing stuff far away

if you have a lot of triggers some may have unused blocks in them

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