Why dosen't the users page update?

This is my profile from the users page

This is my actual profile

And it isn’t just happening to me, dose anyone know why this happens?

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It usually takes time for the forum to update your user profile and the /u page (like a day at a time) in order to prevent the forum from overloading. This is why it does not update very often.
The /u page was last updated on 2023-09-19T03:31:00Z


Users page updates every day, and statistics between that time will not be registered until the next update. Time between updates is kinda inconsistent though, with a couple hours discrepancy between each.

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Sometimes, it takes out topics because of their amount of likes.

(I think)

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On the user’s page, it says that I have only been active for 5 days but on my profile, it’s 32.

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Were you on the default setting of week? You need to change it to all time.

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