Why doesnt my gimkit tutorial work

so im trying to get the funny gimkit tutorial fellla and every time i try to do the questioner part it doesn’t work what do i do

Uhh… What do you mean by “dosen’t work?”

Questioner wired to an item granter.
Correct answer (or something like that, can't recall) => Grant item

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i am unable to like press buttons or do anything, i tried wiring it to a button but that doesnt work either.

are you trying to do it in edit mode?

@SR-71Blackbird could be right try starting the game first

Oh, so that’s the April Fools update. Stuff should be reverted tomorrow, hopefully.


no it wants me to playtest

I believe this is right.

i am in playing mode or whatever its called

I am pretty sure this is a gkc wide thing. the buttons on my map are not working

Yeah, and platforming jump height is now absurd. Gimkit is kinda unusable for today, unfortunately.

is platforming open to the people who don’t have the tickets yet :slight_smile:

No, I don’t believe so, @jelloboss

does anyone know when it will be :slight_smile:

It states on the site, “Platforming will become available for everybody later in 2024.” That’s all I know, so it’ll probably be much later near fall.

:cry:( slite pain ) :cry: .
I want platforming

I think someone said it should be released in June.
Also, yeah, happy :partying_face: April Fools :partying_face: everybody. There are bugs all over because of this tragic day of the year. :rabbit2: I wish it was Easter again…
:clock: Time doesn’t wait on anyone, sadly…

you can’t pick anything up anymore in DLD

This can’t be an april fools update.
How would a bug become an april fools update?