Why does this think I'm new user

hey, so a lot of times I’ve been helping people and sometimes it says that I’ve reached the max amount of replays a new user can use in their first day or a new user can only reply 3 times in each topic even tho I’m not, I’ve been on these forums for a year.


That’s weird, your stats look fine

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here look at this guide

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if you need to you should message the mods for help about your trust levels bug or problem if that doesn’t work

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Also is it because I’ve been silenced?

go to more on the top left side click on it

click on groups to get sended here

next click on moderators to go here

and click on the message button

when you do u see this

and now you can report your TL problem/bug

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if you was silenced you couldn’t be able to talk or message or make topics but wouldn’t lose your tl

now my only conclusion is if it was a bug OR a mod demoted u to a new user

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how is any of this important?

Ok, so if I was then how do I get put of it?

was you silenced or banned before? if yes then that means the mods demoted you for breaking their rules or found a reason that make you not deserve your lost tl

if not report to the mods now so they can fix your TL


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