Why does the block keep popping out?

I’m kinda tempted to leave “apparently the fox says nothing” but here’s what I wrote


The somewhat annoying shapeshifting fox
that appeared mysteriously after halloween,
who seems to have strange luck in racing. Is she cheating?
Probably but you’ll never prove it. -

you can change the lines up

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I added the code not sure if its working or not right now
now I just need it to be able to broadcast on a channel depending on where you are

inserting the rest of the code and I’ll write again
and need to google what mod means again

Mod means modulus, which basically takes the 2 numbers, and gets the remainder of the two numbers. So 11 % 5 = 1. (% means mod)


I don’t need math class, just gimkit lol

just so you know that was joke, I still need math class


I am the rare person who actually enjoys math.