Why does the block keep popping out?

when I try to insert the number it just keeps coming out
making a cheaper coordinate grid system
so I can make a scope thing

It probably doesn’t like it idk

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please don’t reply if you don’t have anything helpful to say

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Maybe set a variable to 10 and insert that?

it accepts that but I need to check this at least 100 times
need something more efficient

Did you try to reload/delete that part of the code and re-making it? [1]

  1. Yes, I know. Everyone’s favorite, reloading. ↩︎

Because the other side is a true/false datatype. You have to put the same datatype on both sides for it to work. You need:

(X<=10) AND(Y<=10)


which is a true false data type?

Building off of this, could you just add the two properties instead?


I could I guess was hoping to save memory when I check it 100 times

I don’t think so…

no still kicks it out

Yeah. getrithedk is right. You are trying to compare the true/false value “X and Y” to an integer. To do this correctly, you need to compare each individually. So “If x < 10 and y < 10”

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You won’t save memory when saving blocks, unless you’re almost at the block limit.

It should look like this


It works if you do it like what @getrithekd said. Here is a screenshot.

Edit: Oops @Ben_to_the_10th beat me.

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uh oh
don’t mispronounce his name or you’ll go 6 feet under soon

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that works is there a more efficient way? though want to limit the memory

Bruh that’s clearly a typo, not a misinterpretation of my name lol. But yeah, the d is after the k. @Foxy that’s as efficient as it gets.

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