Why do publish links expire after a week?

I see that publish maps expire after a week, but last time it only expired after 3 hours. No one really questioned: Why do publish links expire?

I mean like why did publish maps expire from 7 days now instead of keeping 3 hours, and why & how does it expire?

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Maybe to save memory? Keeping the website linked to that game must take a lot. Games only last for an hour at a time, so, maybe that’s why.


They expire so they don’t have to spend a lot of money on running permanent servers. Temporary links are almost free and much more effective.
They also save memory without having a permanent-ish framework in place.


Sometimes people don’t really need the publish link and give it online. Thankfully, blackhole has a Permalink because when you enter a gimkit gamemode from a permalink, it generates a new gamemode, so it doesn’t expire anymore.

Although i get it, but which one to vote as a solution?

Ehh idc. Maybe me. I have less solutions than here to help

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Yeah, mine was less descriptive too. Do @Thats_Gimpossible’s.

What do you mean by permalink?

Blackhole made a website program with some of his game links where when you click on it it generates a new publish code, so no need to renew it.

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It should be noted- the system requires your password and email to function, which is why it isn’t open to the public.


To generate publish links I use the api to log into my account and create the links.

So you need the password and email for that.

Also, I do have the actual answer to this question:

Josh didn’t want gimkit games to “go viral” and for gimkit to become place to play video games during class.

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Well its a bit to late for that, I do it all the time and create games during class.

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