Why do I have a limit on my devices?

No matter what they will drop the item listed in the ko manager. Very useful for things like battle royales, though it won’t really work in this case since you need to drop specifically what’s in the player’s inventory.


How does that work??

When a player is tagged/knocked out, they will drop their items.

What do you mean? The guide that I linked, Haiasi linked, or something different?

The process.

No, don’t say that, you might get flagged!
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What it does is drop an item once the player is tagged.

Could you show me again?

I’m still confused…

So @NavyCatZ, if I set the number given to 10, they will only give what they have in the inventory, not ten or none?

No, this will not take from the inventory.
(I think)

So they will get nothing? C’mon please help, I’m on a roadblock.

No, it won’t take away from the inventory, just dropping the item.
It’ll only remove it unless you set it in map options.

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So how will it work?

It’ll drop an item on the player’s body.

So your saying if I do that, the player will lose the items and the items will fall to the ground?

Also, how do I make them drop the flag?

No, they won’t lose the item, they will just drop it.
You’ll have to remove it from there inventory manually through an Item Granter.

If you turn the map option setting on the player will lose their items, and the items that were put into the ko manager will be dropped on them. So for instance let’s say the ko manager is set to 10 beach fishes. If a player didn’t have any items the ko manager would still drop 10 beach fishes. The manager cannot detect what you have in your inventory then drop it accordingly, it strictly drops what it is set to.

Use the guide I linked above but with the items you are using as flags (assuming you are using my method of the alternate flags, otherwise what method are you using)