Who wants to be in Tranquil Trails

I’m making a detailed and well designed game called tranquil trails, I don’t want all the NPC’s to sound the same, so I want GKCF users to voice the characters.
To apply, name the gim you want the NPC to be, what the NPC’s name will be. and list your dialogue to these interactions

  1. If somebody said hello to you, How would you respond?
  2. How you would ask for help (Like for a quest)
  3. How you would say thanks for completing the quest (not giving items, I decide that)
  4. How you would say anything else, extra.


NPC: Kynami. NPC Name: Milo. Your name: (Your name here)

  1. Hello There!
  2. Can you help me with (Leave Blank)?
  3. Thank you so much for the help.
  4. Oh it’s you, What’s up?
  5. (any more text you want them to have)

(Edit - Removed the c0de)

You would also be in the credits of the game.

@Temmie i am not sure if you are new here or know the rules well, but game c0des aren’t allowed. Please remove the code form this post before it gets taken down.

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.

Your good, just next time please don’t do that. :slight_smile:

You wanna be a character? Because I kinda need some …

Please no euphimisms

Remember to follow the format that I provided.


What Do You Want Now…
Still Here? Are You Trying To Annoy Me Or You Just Want Some Useless Quest
Oh Wow You Did It Now Leave Me Alone
You Are Getting On My Nerves

Do you want to be a character? use the provided dialogue format and you could be one.

Lol, What gim sentry skin though? (any of them except the agents).


Farmer? That isn’t an options, it’s green + pink evil plant, Bonesy, captain buck, chompz, detective baka, kynami, libre, ozi, raveena, and stache.


Nice, I feel like a grouchy old detective would be nice, and Roberta has been added to the credits of the game.

I need a character for every sentry skin, but no using pink evil plant, no using basic sentry, and no using agents.

And also remember to follow the formatting for submitting a character provided.

NPC: Ozi Npc Name: ??? Username: WhoAmI

  1. Greetings.
  2. Would you mind assisting me with a certain task? Your objective is ____
  3. You have my gratitude for your assistance.
  4. Mhm? Are you in need of anything?
  5. A minor fact, but this isn’t my true form.
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NPC: Raveena
Name: Mcgonagall
Username: GimGuy
*Cackles Why, Hello There, Young One
May You Help Me In My… Hehe… Small Chore?
*Cackles Yes! It Is Done! Thank You For Your Deed.
Eye Of Newt, Toe of Frog, Turn This Gim Into A Hog!

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