Which Ways Of Making A Gimkit game is better

  • Computer
  • Mobile
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(Is This Off-topic?)

while this is off topic i think but computer is the best no questions

Should I delete it than?

Unless you need the information for this question for help, like if you want advice on which device to use creative on, this is off topic. I assume you did this poll for the sake of doing a poll.

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Just mark a solution, so this gets closed. I think in 3 hours you will have enough votes.

yes, it is extremly off topic, let maybe one of the mods come over and change name

Got it I did just put The Solution

That’s a bit extreme and could be a waste of their time. Since this question is related to gkc, we could probably just leave it be and mark a solution to close it.

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Can someone remove the tag? The tag is only for gimkit staff usage.

Ohhh sorry didn’t know that

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