Which Map should I make first please dont vote in both polls

Which Map to make first
  • Halo 2, the second map in may halo series
  • Gimkit Gim of the wild, Gimkit zelda breath of the wild
  • Gimwars Battle Front 2, Gimkit version of Star wars battle front 2
  • Hide & Seek, hide & seek but with flashlights and stuff
  • Fast Food Tycoon, A tycoon about working at a fast food place
  • The Hunger Gims, Gimkit hunger games
  • Gim defense, a tower defense game
  • Ice Scream, A gimkit version of the mobile game ice scream
  • Jail break, A puzzle escape room where u have to escape a jail
  • Gim Runner, Gimkit Maze Runner
  • Untitled Gim Game, Gimkit Untitled goose game
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I had to make another cause u cant edit pollsđź« 
  • Crossy gim, Gimkit version of Crossy road
  • Gimzilla, A gimkit map about godzilla
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Another poll
  • Smash Gims, Smash bros style fighting game I will make when platforming comes out
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also how is the new profile pic.

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Inlove the pfp also i think a food tycoon would be cool some of those optikns are classical common gamesno offence

Not bad, but i would that matches your profile name, plus the only game that i haven’t seen been made on there that I play and love is botw. So i would make that game because it also has the least copyright issues that could come from it.

so many good games, like untiled goose, legend of zelda breath of the wild, maze runner, battle front, halo, the hunger games im going battle front i would like to see a game of that

wow that was quick it hasn’t even been a minute

i might go back to the old profile if its better

its your profile, choose what you want, something that represents you.

I just choose a galaxy becuas i love them but i might change my username and pfp

You would have to have a mod or admin change your username as of that is in the user admin pannel you don’t have access to that. But that is your choice.

I changed back.

someone made a goose game map?

Yes, or at least there was a post on here about help on making one.

It was mine

Oh, well that’s embarrassing. So then no, it hasn’t been made. Sorry for not knowing, I help a lot of people and I don’t remember who said what unless it was really important.

its fine

Im surprised people even now what Ice Scream is.

dude if you made halo i would be the happiest person ever jumping on to the xbox-360 to play some halo hits different (in a good way)

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i did actually

Send it to me please im a huge halo fan

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