Which is the easiest voting system?

I am not good at devices so the most complicated guides and systems on the forum is not looking good for me. So i need help on which is teh easiest, but effective guide for a among us voting system. That and a little bit of explaining.

Probably these

A bunch of voting systems operate on the same principle, so a lot of them should be similar difficulty.


Alright, but then how do you make it not show the leaderboard and teh name colors, like green and red, because if you can the whole point of secrecy is pointless.

Go to the map options???

I did, but every guide says it to show leaderboard and to make it based on teams, which shows the colored names… so i am a bit lost.

no, each player is assigned to a certain team and you compare their votes (properties) using blocks (i think)

Great, well that is not going to be fun.

It depends on how many players you want, really.

5+, its the map i made, i am wanting to publish it.

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