Which is faster: Channels or Wires?

Which is faster: Channels or Wires??
Now below i have made the first experiment.
Now the only reason im making this is because the results can be entirely dependable on distance, order, and blocks

Number 1

So 1st i wired a button to 2 notifications one saying Channels and the other Wires and of course, connected them differently

wires was released first



This isn’t a wiki, you have to be tl3 to make a wiki.

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wth does that mean?

trust level 3. aka regular.

how do you get to regular?

wire went first due to aou I believe.


you have to be active for 50 days without getting silenced or suspended (if you get suspended you have to wait 50 more days, silenced, 160 more days)


11/50 done then :frowning: :slight_smile:

they could be going at the same time but the game can only display one notif at a time

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wait, in a row?

i got flagged in december :frowning:

Read this: Trust Levels Guide

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Just don’t get suspended or silenced. You’re fine if you just got only flagged, however, don’t get flagged too much.

And not in a row. You won’t mess up if you won’t be active in the forums for a day. However, if you become inactive or get suspended, you will likely get demoted into the last trust level you were, or back to TL0.

you just basically copied the whole discourse trust levels guide but added some extra words

You also need to gain a certain amount of views on your post

Yes I did, It wasn’t such a problem before, why is it now?

it just bothers me

like what?

This was supposed to be a wires vs channels post lol
i saw you @NotYoyo the other day we were playing look look maps

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