When someone dies how to show "_____ has died"

Title says it all. I made this topic before, but the block code is not working.

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I don’t think this is possible, but it might be, one sec

1; What are your settings, devices and blockcode?

2; Don’t mark a solution if you haven’t tested it and it worked.
Repeat topics because of accidental solutions create clutter.

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Ok so I added a lifecycle wired to a notification device.

Im going to go afk and check this later

1: What happens when someone dies?
Can you test on two tabs or with a friend?
You won’t be able to see the death notification because of the respawn animation unless you use a trigger with a delay of 1.

2: Is there a space just before the “has died?”
It should because it’ll look weird.

When someone dies, they start spectating. Also yes, there’s a space. Also ima go afk for real now. Check this later bye

The problem might be this.

Can you test with two tabs?

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I think that it already pops up in the bottom left of your screen. It’s called the activity feed.

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Wire a popup to a KO manager and have them on the same channel, you might have to use teams for this, not sure. But then wire the KO manager to the popup that says “_____ has died” the wire should be when KO’d play popup.

That doesn’t account for scope, and even if it did, it would stop players every time someone died.

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It doesn’t work. Could you tell me if my notification block code is right?

Does this not happen for you?

Her screen size may be too small or have it disabled in the UI.

It should work though, can you send a screenshot of the death notification on another tab?


Do you want the block code again too?

No, I meant the death notification in-game.

What exactly happens?
Does it show up or no?

It doesn not show up in game at all

I’m not exactly sure, maybe that’s another screen size problem?

@tspentakota Do this:
(Just saying I didn’t read any of the before comments, so yeah)

Lifecycle Settings:
Event: Player knocked out

Wire it to a notification like this:
Event occurs → Run Wire Pulse Block
Make it send a notification when receiving on “Insert Channel here”
Make sure it sends to everyone

Now, Block:
Set Title: Triggering Player’s Name
Content: " has died!"
Then a new block:
Broadcast message on channel: “Insert Channel here”(Same channel as to sending the notification)

And you’re done!

If you are using a Chromebook, make sure to do Full-screen, or it won’t show up. I think it does on a Macbook, but I’m not sure. Try to do Full-screen for Activity Feed, at least. If you are doing Activity Feed:
Have a trigger that is triggered by a wire from the Lifecycle:
Add Activity Feed for everyone: Create Text with: Triggering Player’s name
" has died!"

That’s what she did.

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