When someone dies how to show "_____ has died"

Weird… Then make it so that it opens the block on channel “Channel”, sets the stuff, then transmits on “Channel2”, and sends the notification on “Channel2”

You could also just use Activity Feed, I guess.

Wait @tspentakota
Make sure you are sending to EVERYONE

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But that won’t send a notification with the Triggering Player’s Name if you make it send a Notification on a channel because you can’t modify it just from the device, you need blockcode.

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Yeah, have ablock to broadcast in the block

The block will be updated then.
In the block:
Set Title: Name
Content: " has died!"
Broadcast on channel “Channel”

Then have it send the notification when receiving on “Channel”

I am reading the comments and see how this could work, but how is it not working?

I don’t think that works.
You’ll have to modify it in the blocks, using a channel won’t work unless you want it to run another block which uses more memory.

Yeah, the title is modified in the blocks, then after that, it sends becaue of the channel in the block code. Of course, you could have it transmit on “Channel”, have a trigger have a delay of 0.5 and receive on “Channel”, then transmit on “Channel2”, and have the Nolt receive on “Channel2”. That would work, right?

Anyway my method works for me…


Yeah, it should, at least i think so.

yeah, that will work if you want to give a player cash or smt but won’t be able to modify the title and content using channels i think i got confused sorry…

No, I meant this:

@Haiasi Trust me, it works

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Oh, okay I get it.
It should work
Why two notifications though?

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There’s only one notification @Haiasi

(Yes, this map is from my fishing guide)
(And no I didn’t die I just pressed a button there)


I have nooo idea, @WolfTechnology. I was AFK so ima read the comments now too.

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No worries, I was just curious.

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Mark a solution if you have an answer! :slight_smile:

@tspentakota Also, those screenshots are ONE notification!

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Alr, ima try it out. Thanks, @Blizzy !

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Also for this part, in the block code, where does Channel1 come in?

I think it’s from a Lifecycle.


Ohhh ok, thanks @Haiasi

Yes, as @Haiasi said, @tspentakota your Lifecycle that triggers when someone is knocked out transmits on “Channel1” when the Event Occurs.
Of course, for both Channel1 and Channel2, they can be any channel you want.

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It still does not work, @Blizzy .