When someone dies how to show "_____ has died"

What is the error? Is the Nolt not sending?

Make sure the Lifecycle is not wired to the Nolt, instead it transmit on Channel1 @tspentakota

Its still not showing anything up.

I just tried the system and got it to work, make sure the wire is set to “Run Wire Pulse Block” and that the “send to is set to everyone” Also what is the life cycle set to?

Yes, that is what she did and it is set to player knocked out.

In wiring or channels for the Lifecycle?

both @Blizzy you don’t actually need the channel.

Let me send a screenshot

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Show me the nolt settings and block

It’s easier, sometimes the wiring just gets messy
But yeah, you can just use the Run Wire Pulse Block setting


That’s your mistake. It has to send on Channel2
Your Nolt has to Send Notification on “Channel2”

you mean the when receiving on channel2 or the broadcast message on channel block?

@tspentakota Heres what I did.
Life Cycle





Yeah, that’s right. You know, you didn’t show us your block
You just did the same thing as the wiring
You didn’t do the channel either

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The Channel isn’t necessary since it is “Send Notification”

No, you have to have it, or the title and content won’t update

@Blizzy , I just fixed my mistake but it still won’t show.

Just copy what I did, it works great.

Letm e take a screenshot of my mechanisms ok?