How to check if a specific person died

I need to check if a specific person died, and how many times they died.

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Let me check how we can do this.

you could make a notification that they died or do you want to see EVERYONEE who died in a popup?

If knocked out player’s name=“player name” broadcast on channel via trigger paired to lifecycle.

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I need to check it for a specific person

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Okay, so take a lifecycle and have it to track for player knockouts. Than place down a trigger and wire the lifecycle to the trigger. On Event Occur—Trigger. Then copy down this code.

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how do u put in the code?

When you select the trigger, there will be a “Blocks” tab in the top-left of your screen.
Click that.

ty guys! Thx for the help!


now i need to make sure it can check for random people. Like scope has to be player and not global

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