When everyone is knocked out, how do I make the game end?

I honestly feel really foolish asking this, pls help!

Everyone is knocked out? Or just one playering remaining?

sry, one player remaining

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thank you!!!

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then at the end, make sure to connect that counter to an end game device, target reached end game

I’m just confused on were to get this:

NVM I found out

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wait, its not ending when only one person is standing! :disappointed_relieved:

also, how do i make it when someone gets knocked out they become a spectator?

NVM, I think I just wont do this map its wayyy to much trouble

i can help with that its very simple

All you have to do is get a lifecycle, and a team switcher.

Step 1

Make this the setting for the life cycle

Step 2

Make this the setting for the team switcher

Step 3

Wire the life cycle to the team switcher like this:

And, that’s all, let me know If that works, this should only take 67 memory, if you did it the way i did!

thank you!

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