Whats your guys favorite Gimkit creative maps

I also need ideas for my map any would be helpfull.

pretty late for hid but my fav would be extreme parkour pushes all parkour to the limits you have to be perfect with you movments and know the game mechanichs

Thank you I will. Also can someone ban Jamesgames27 he cused and put alot of codes.

ideas would be a good place to look too.

He cussed?!?!? Bruh never learned…

Yeah, well he said shut up which in my books is cussing.

Asking this isn’t allowed as a whole new topic, but I would recommand looking at people’s bios to see the games we’ve made because those are normally the good ones. @Captain-Gim hint hint (Try it with me)

go browse discovery
go browse people’s bio’s