What's wrong here?

So I’m kinda making a lobby so every player has to be in there together and when they are they teleport onto a ship. I made a system but it’s not working what’s wrong? So I have a counter, zone, relay. For the zone it’s normal except when a player enters it decrements the counter and when a player leaves the zone it increments my counter. The counter, in the counter the only thing that I changed is increment and decreasing the number also I added a target number which is 0. The relay the relay is for every player and it relays when the game starts and the relay channel is what ups the counter also
You can j0in my map on my padlet (it’s in my bio)

that’s the same as posting a link honestly

and also when the relay increments the counter it increments 2x when there is only one player, me

uh settings?
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I told you the settings
the zone I touched nothing except when player enters and leavs

images help a lot more to look for mistakes


Every other setting is normal I DOUBLE CHECKED IT IS DEFAULT

Every other setting is default

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zone please?

oh shoot