What's the best way to make a animal out of props?

I’m trying to make a farm and don’t know how to make animals

check this out maybe

Use colored barriers. There’s not really any good guides on this yet. You could use some pink circles to make a pig

here’s another one, has a couple you might like.

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you can use text and post animal emojis and make them bigger


good ol emojis too.

a couple of animals


Yeah, you can link others peoples guide to see if they need it!

I saw your edit: yeah, it’s fine. We all make mistakes.

I thought this was myg guide I just looked in my notications and thought it was mine I’m sry

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It’s fine. We all make mistakes.

ummm, the emojis don’t show up ingame

Screenshot 2024-05-06 12.54.29 PM

are you Chromebook? if so, click the launcher aka magnifying glass thing, shift, and space at the same time. It opens a emoji pad. (might take a bit for it to load)

if your not Chromebook, search up the emojis.


yea I’m on a school shrome book, I’ll do all this later cuz I gtg to lunch:/

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