{How To Make A Zoo!}

Making A Rpg but need something to add? Here’s an idea, a zoo! Now zoos can come in many shapes and sizes but today we will be making a basic wild animal zoo!


You will need to first take a wooden pole and resize it to look something like this-
Screenshot 2024-04-02 4.58.07 PM
Now copy and paste it on the other side a good ways apart Now you need to barrier, color it white and make the transparency 25%
Screenshot 2024-04-02 5.00.36 PM
Now copy and paste it behind itself.

Then Add Two Metal poles And Resize them to look like this
There we have our enclosure! Copy and paste this with how many animals you will have!


Now we need animals. Iw I’ll be showing you how to make one animal for your zoo. The rest will have to be up to different tutorials! The first animal I will show you how to make is a giraffe. First make three barriers!

then make one of the barriers long and skinny

then make another long and skinny and position as shown:

I would make all barriers fully opaque and take away the borders

Next take the last barrier and make it a rectangle:

Now make more barriers and make rectangles for your legs:

Then take a plate and tint it pitch black for the eye:

Then take a wooden plate and make the spots:

take a pole and add the tail and ears! Btw tint the pole a bit more brown.

Then for our last step take three text box and put an * in each and put it on the ears and tails.
(No pic sry)
Now turn it small and put it in your zoo!

That’s all hope u liked it bye! It took a while for me to make so please enjoy! Here’s Some More Animal Art (@speedy_kd4’s collection of animal barriers art) A lion to add from @Blizzy

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I bet foxy cant say anything about this this time-

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I’d recommend putting this guide in for more animal options :slight_smile:

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ok :smiley: thanks that’s a nice suggestion

As a tip for the metal poles, turn off the shadows, it make it look better

ok ty that will be in my mind for the future :smiley:

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I know that, thanks for telling me tho!