What's the best way to create this?

I need help creating this:

It’s Professor Kukui’s house from Pokemon: Sun and Moon. A lot of you probably have no clue what I just said. Well, I do 2d art, not 3d and it’s fine if you give me a 2d but 3d goes an extra step. I would love a good step-by-step, but just a picture works. I’m making an Alolan map (pokemon stuff) and I need this included. Please help me. :pray:

use this but change the roof to blue and the wood to whiteish teal.

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You can add extra stuff like the balcony by using metal poles.

(oops wolftechnology)


Lol, now worries, and adding the porch would be quite hard and may look bad.

Who do I give solution too?

What ever one you think.

I just gave you a solution so I’ll give it too @NavyCatZ , wait, but she has too many…I’ll give it to myself! (jk)

Um @NavyCatZ your guide is the inside of the house, not the outside.

I would like you post, but im out until 5 more hours.

I need both, but I’ll give you the solution.

Thanks, and alright.

That guide also contains the post about the outside

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yeah but not how to make it, lets not get in an argument over 2 guides about a house.

lol :rofl: (dont get into an argument pls)

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