What vehicle should i do next?

I’m including @BOB2 into this topic cuz he’s a genius and also so him and i can collab together for measurements, ideas, whatever. any1 is allowed to gimme ideas, but bob’s the mastermind.

make a lambo

off topic. i’m focusing on recommendations for my next vehicle.

Please don’t. That is rude and inconsiderate to them. If you have personal opinions, it’s fine, just don’t go around starting flame wars. I am flagging you for this, as it is offensive.

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hmmm that could be less time-consuming and stressful. i may try that. i’ll make a red lambo


i could get it done by proly… 2-3 days from now since i have OSS (Out of School Suspension). i proly wouldn’t make a guide cuz it would add on to my soon-to-be mounting requests.

but also, my dad has a wifi invader ( brand name is Bark) that would proly extend the the time 4 the project

@furry99pr0t00focxx can we see a pic when your done?

make a gimbo instead
it would be very cool

Warning: do not attempt to search

?? uhh what exactly do u mean
O_O oh

most likely, yes. but now im extending this project for yet another few days cuz i cant do gkc cuz of that wifi intercepter i talked about. don’t expect this to be done within 2 days. it may be another 6+ days depending on whatever going on irl

i just looked through images that could fit the skill of mine, but disappointingly i didn’t find any gud images. on the contrary, how bout some sort of muscle car?


Make the new upcoming electric dodge challenger.


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hmm… i think that may be a gud idea. this project is gonna be longer than i thought. this may last me all thru next week!

ik bro. but i not an artist always. plus, a lot of gimkit materials aren’t the right curves/dimensions.

hey guys! i made a guide of how to make a jeep truck its here if you need it!

a bogote or a rose or a sling shot