What to do when you have suggestions in GKC

Many people have ideas that will improve gimkit and gimkit creative, but they don’t know where to share these ideas. Most people share their ideas here within the forums of gimkit creative, in discord and ect. So where exactly can you share awesome ideas?

If you wanna share ideas with Josh go here:

Just sign up and let your ideas be known to the world!

Have ideas for the forum? Message the moderators! How? Simple! Head over to the more button below “my postss” then click on moderators. Then you’ll see a “message” button in the top right corner. Click it, and there you go!

Me, Gimkit team, @NavyCatZ, @Argo77, and @twofoursixeight



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Thanks for the tips!


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For forum-related suggestions, you can message @moderators group with your forum suggestions.

Oh ok I will add that.