What to do and what not to do when publishing your map

Here are some strategies on how to make yoru maps more popular, and what no to do.

1. Put your best effort into your maps.

No one is going to want to play a map that barely has any effort put into it. So put as much effort into your maps as possible, so you can get more pays and have people appreciate how much work you put into a single map. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on community picks, meaning a mod or admin thought your map was high-quality.

2. Make a decent or high-effort thumbnail.

Thumbnails are what peope mainly look at when they see your maps. The first strategy on making good thumbnails are either photoshoping a thumbnail from pictures of Gims, gadgets and/or usables, aa background, and more content. Another strategy is hand-drawing your own, from scratch. Do NOT include official artwork from games, memes, or ay real life objects in your thumbnails. Doing this willl not only break copyright laws, it will get your map removed from Discovery, and even get you banned. Who knows? Someone might take this to the law officials like judges, and they’ll come after you.

3. Turn to the Community

The Gimkit Creative community is full of people who want to create maps, publish them, and watch them grow in popularity. Getting your followers opinions and listening to them can really help your map get more popular. For example, going to your fans on the Discord community is a good option for asking your followers what update you should make next. This will make people feel listened to, and get more map some more popularity.

4. Let your Description describe your Map

A description is an important part, since viewer look at that to get context for your map. Also, Discovery’s search results depend on the description of the map, not the title, so make sure to add the title or something like that in your description.

What NOT to do:

1. Don’t purposely make a Low-Effort Map

An extremely greedy, but easy way to get views is by purposely not putting any effort into maps, and instead making a sloppy game with bugs, gaps, and issues. Later on, the map creators then add updates fixing the map’s errors, while adding new stuff (that may or may not have errors in them). That way, the creator is able to build up hype and get more plays. While this is a smart tatic, the results usually have people dislike the map for it being error-rich, and to an extent, the greedy map creator.

2. Don’t Falsely Advertise your Map

Doing this is just staright up wrong. While you may get a swarm of plays when you first publish your chunk of false advertisement (which is what people want), eventually your map will get reopted, deleted, and you could get banned for scamming a bunch of players into laying something they didn’t want to play. An example of this advertising an empty FFA map as a full map with suprises around the corner.

3. Avoid (passive) “playbegging”

It really isn’t fun to beg for plays. At least 15% of the comsumers will think you are basically someone begging for plays so they can brag about how many they got on a single map. Passive playbegging is like, for example, saying that your map will get an update at 1K plays. Either way, people will view you as a begger, and when you go too far with the play amount for a new update, people will view you as a playbegger and stop playing your map.

4. Don’t publish a WIP Map

Doing this is basically roping players into playing an imcomplete game that they though was finished. An example of this is/used to be a game called “Dimension B” or something like that. The game message said, “Game is currently being worked on.” You could’ve waited until the game was finished before publishing it, but people probably do this to get plays.

5. NEVER copy Someone else’s Map

Of course, there are a lot of games that are about the same topic (e.g. mario kart in gimkit). But directly copying someone else’s map is wrong and will definitely get you banned. If you were to try and make an exact copy of GimCraft, but name it something else like “MineKit,” you’re basically asking for mods and admins to come for you.

Anyways, those are something to do, and somethings not to do. Happy map-making!


You should add “publishing a WIP map” in the what not to do


You should add that you break copyright laws if you do copy from other games or images on the web. It’s allowed for school projects, but not allowed when you publish it to the web.

Btw I’m bookmarking this its so good! :grin:

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Wow amazing guide, @IAlwaysUnderstand!

Would gimkit-beginners be a good tag for this?

These are some great tips for beginners! People will defintently use this.

I tried to make a decent thumbnail for my new game. Does this fit under my guide or am I critizing myself?

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It seems fine. Looks great! :+1: