What to add to my Dark Deception inspired gamemode?

I am this :pinching_hand: close to finishing my dark deception inspired gamemode.
I haven’t seen anyone make one before, and there is none on the discovery page. so really my gamemode is going to be the first dark deception inspired gamemode that is getting published. what should I add? I already have…

  • Story

  • Monster/Mortal System

  • Shard System

  • Chapter System (Makes it easier to implement future chapters.)

What should I add? I’m already working on a thumbnail.
also a image of the game so you can see the vibe I’m going for-
Screenshot 2024-04-10 7.11.33 PM

Do you have side quests?.. Sorry, I don’t play dark deception

Whats dark deception so I can get an idea (like what’s the game about)

Maybe some NPCs (for interacting), or maybe a lobby (pre-game). [1]

  1. Fun fact: To make NPCs use the sentry and place it inside some walls! (but the weapon will still show) ↩︎

Uh, maybe add v2. coming soon if your planning to make another one

Also maybe use this guide:

for dark rooms

Dark deception is like a horror game. its a maze and you go around the place collecting shards while running away from a monster. you usually have power ups.


make jumpscares?

I already have a npcs, and a lobby. sorry I wasn’t specific :sweat_smile:

Okay, I will try to implement that.

Oops, sorry bout that.

Here is a image of the lobby and chapter/portals.

Noicec, it looks cool

wip is unused

Ah yes, another Dark Deception fan. You seem like a darn high-quality developer. I suggest adding a, custom level. What I mean is, lets say, a crossover with something else. Or you could try adding jumpscares. I’m not entirely sure how to accomplish this. But I think you can do it with modals, partially at least.

FUDGE! Someone already said jumpscares. I wanted to say this before but, oopsie, I forgot.

thank you for the tips with jumpscares. I will try the custom level idea as well.

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here is the thumbnail!

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dang that looks cool
and np @Blackout

thanks for the compliment!