What to add to my Dark Deception inspired gamemode?

Um I have an idea….

alright, what is it?

Maybe put a secret portal that you can only access with a key, THE DUCK SHRINE! : ) But its only use is to give you a weapon……

The game should be darker but I don’t even know if there is a way to make it darker.

This guide:

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the maze you play in is darker. by putting a border and making it transparent, you can make a room darker.

good idea! I’m going to add it.

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: )

Recommend you use this for the shrine!

Make a seemingly useless item actually be the most important item in the game, to add trickery.

that looks super cool

thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate it.

like a key or something?


YO?!?! TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT. (I’m not joking, please tell me)

what do you want me to teach you again?

Thumbnail :slight_smile:

just add bloom and glamour, take down the clarity. when you do that, compress everything into one image and make a copy. make the copy have 60% opacity and give it blur.

Okay, finally released the gamemode

can you add Dark lasers to randomly scare people?