What should I name my new exploration game

Because everyone kept asking and suggesting names, I thought I could just post the lore, and prompt y’all for some name suggestions.

There was a scientist named Barbara Fletcher, and she was doing research on distant parallel universes that were close to our universe within the Mandelbrot. One day, her and her colleague, Brooklynn Miller, created a cross-plane portal (A “Gate”). Leaving Brooklynn to study the body of the portal, Barbara took 2 field researchers with her to the inside of the portal. It was a twisted and run-down version of our earth. Naming it “the Veil”, Barbara and her field researchers mysteriously went missing inside it.
The head of the lab seeked a way to get rid the Gate, to stop radiation. Brooklynn, still wanting to research it, took a small sample of the it, before torching the Gate. She took the sample, hid it time caspule-style in the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas (A real town in the US). A young girl named Christina found the caspule containing the Gate Sample. She put it back, of course- but the radiation leaked through the glass, into Christina’s body.
Many years later, she was married in a small town in eastern Louisiana. She “disappeared” in her and her husband(Lewis Redd)'s bathroom. Several weeks later, Lewis noticed there were strange-looking vines in the restroom. Choosing to ignore it, and use the guest bathroom instead, he dismissed it as the house being old.
Lewis had to go on a business trip, so he asked the daughter(Annalise WIlliams- the person the player plays as) of his good friend to look after the house while he was gone.
Annalise, being nosy despite being asked not to enter the master bathroom, did it anyways. In which the radiation was so crazy that it was a Gate in of itself.
Annalise (The player) explores the Veil version of her town, seeking a way back home.


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