What should i do!?!?!?!?

Can anyone make a thumbnail for me for a battle royal game I’m making?
but before you do I need to you understand this:
My GIMKIT is a bit broken because when I try to upload a picture it doesnt work so I cant upload anything so if you do make a thumbnail it might not even work so your work might be wasted or you can give the thumbnail to someone else.
also but your name in the thumnail somewhere i’ll give creat to you as well if the thumbnail works for me.

go here if u want a thumbnail
this place is crawling with thumbnail requests and ur adding to it :confused:
in the future try not to ask for thumbnails but go on the wixsite

Your gimkit isn’t broken. You just have to upload your image as a jpg file

I know i’ve been pending a request for a while now so I did it here

I have absolutely no idea what that means

Just because you don’t have money to buy something doesn’t mean you are allowed to steal

ooh. im workin on 1 right now almost done :slight_smile:

ok too bad
but if no one answers in the wix
then ask again!

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huh? why did you say that? who stole? and what’s a anything to do with money?

Thumbnails are allowed again.

ok nvm.
@Allwen sorry continue on

It’s an analogy.
If you can’t access the wix doesn’t mean you can break the rules in the forums

Btw: you can convert your images to jpg here: Image converter to JPG

Don’t worry, Zane. Thumbnails are allowed.

Proof that they are?

proof that they aren’t?

This is an email that @ShadowDragon44 got.

SirWyWy isn’t trying to start and argument. He just wants to know how the rules changed as they haven’t been allowed for a few weeks as we were waiting from a response from Gimkit on the situation.

oh ok im sorry if I sounded negitive sirwywy but I don’t see why it’s isn’t allowed

I know that. I wasn’t trying to argue. Sorry if it seemed like it.

Ok cool! Though I’m confused why the profile pic is an h and not a j