What should i do!?!?!?!?

i mean, this is proof that they are allowed, so we should be fine.


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Wasn’t talking to you. You’re all good!:+1:

Was afraid this would cause an arguement

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heh, I just wanted proof becuase I thought he was on the side that it wasn’t allowed
because I’ve seen arguments about this and the people on the “not allowed side” never has proof and just keeps saying its not allowed so yea.
again sorry if I offend anyone

Don’t sweat it. It happens all the time with thumbnails. :+1:

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Oh snap back on topic
ok if anyone makes a thumbnail make sure it’s dous I forgot to say so.

Do you want anything specific in the thumbnail?

here’s what I’m thinking a dou in the middle of the thumbnail with damage boost and other dous trying to knock them out.

What are Dous?

It’s just means team of two

Alright! Thanks. I’ll go work on a thumbnail.

what…i see no thumbnail request…i went down 26 recent posts…and this is the only thumbnail request…im confused

@Allwen can i have more background info about game so i can make a better one?

yes but for me,
I think we should wait before starting to ask for thumbnails again…
there are still many people against it,
and it’s just only going to “take over” up the forums again,
and we’re going to cycle the situation all over again.

and plus,
I’m enjoying my break from making thumbnails,
and from getting a tsunami of requests that sometimes put me on strain.
but then again I like doing art,
and then I take in requests, get pinged very often,
and get asked very often,
or get asked for progress very often,

it feels like i’m somehow magneted to all those requests


I partially agree with that. Also, you don’t HAVE to work on thumbnails if it gives you stress. Just do what you wanna do. :+1:

so its a battle royal with dous where you can go to boats to revieve your teamates and bosses to give speed and damage boost and a bosses that give spiceal powers like a boss when you defeat you can press a on screen button and choose to tp and where you want on the map

EDIT: its a dou battle royal so teams of two.

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Starts thumbnailing…

any specific gims and or props and or items you want in it? i have images of almost all items,gims, and props in gimkit… @Allwen

if that’s the case I recommend you just draw for yourself not others (just do what you enjoy)


I am making this in Chrome Canvas so sorry if it might look bad.