What should I do in my shadow creature game?

Do any of you guys have Nightmarish ideas? I can’t think of anything DARK MONSTER FROM THE VOID thing.



Have white eyes stare at you. And follow your path! Heres how!

Lets have zones. Let’s do 3.

So we have a nice hallway right ? lets even it out to 3 zones.

Nice! Then, you can put white eyes, or red, whatever you prefer. Make it look at all the zones.

Make it so if the player enters the zone on the left, the eyes look over there. If they leave the zone, then make the eyes disappear. But there’s another zone right in front of it! So then make the eyes look there. Then repeat!

It could be something like that, so eyes follow where you go…\

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i was just about to link those 2 guides haha


Wow these are amazing ideas I will add em to my game!


I’ll add this to my game but not plagiarizing it. (basically saying it in a different way.)

P.s. thank u for the idea

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If you want to publish it then keep it from being too dark

Yeah but i did add some light creatures in it
they help you along the way

u should make the screen go black from time to time
and when that happens u might wanna change the placements of some props :0

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okay that’s a good idea so when you go deeper in a hallway it gets darker and darker. noice.
this idea’s perfect

I added ur idea in my game

this is what it looks like

sorry if i cant show you a vid but it definitely works


Ghost’s since they can be spooky👻

u might wanna remove the [numbers at the top]
since they arent allowed

yeah they are I mean I did add something similar to the game

umm… I’ve been trying but it wont let me (sorry)

P.S. I’m working on ur idea rn

I’ll send u a picture of it
here’s the picture

it looks messed up but it does make the game scarier

P.S. don’t mind the other stuff in the background. imma use it for later

i got the prefect thing for you…