What Should I Add To Fill This Space Up?

I Have The Giant Outline For My Warehouse Map (Cops And Robbers), But I Need Ideas To Fill It Up.
Random Forklift
That is about it ;p
Also, What Should The Floor Terrain Be? The Walls Are Speckled Gray

Or comment your own choice. I won’t be back for a while though.

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Dark scraps are always my fav to use for floors. :slight_smile: When I have a big empty space, my go tos are bookshelf’s, desks, and filing cabinets.


how about a stack of space crates


shelves, boxes everywhere, ect


How about this so far?


Looks nice, maybe color some of the boxes different so it doesnt get repetive.

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theres a whole lot of crates maybe putting something on them to add detail like labels

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too many crates, change some of them to different colors of wood, and have some cardoard boxes, and containers to add variation.


make some darker for shading

here how about this these are ideas

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You should use the grid snap to place the space crates to make it look neat

Looks cool! you should use the sentries as friendly or hostile NPCs.

they were showing the style of crates/storage, not a picture on how it should look.

Tint some boxes blue or red.

what about gray?

Yeah just tint them.

also this:

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hey look you used some of my boxes thank you but ya the tint is great

yeah like that.it looks good.

dont forget to put one more haybale
Screenshot 2024-02-27 105833